We started off this venture with an intent to popularize the age-old home care recipes passed down by our grandmothers and hoping to reduce chemical content off our skincare shelves.

Amorfizz (ə’mɔː(r) fɪz or uh-mawr-fiz) aims at creating body essentials that work not only on the physical level but also on a mental level to transcend You to a relaxed state, thus helping create, not only wellness, but also calm!

Amorfizz – Create your own calm!



Hi! We are the classic mother-daughter duo - my mom, Sangeeta & myself, Shreya :) 

"Neither are the popular quick fixes & chemical-filled counter products beneficial, nor are they sustainable wellness solutions"

I am an MBA finance and was working at a Big 4. My mom, a fashion boutique owner, used to create these skincare recipes for personal use and we truly swore by them. There’s a huge trend of quick fixes and chemical use for immediate results, when it comes to skin & haircare. However, neither are these chemical-filled counter products beneficial, nor are they sustainable wellness solutions. The recipes my mother was curating were primarily the ones passed down from generations, with a slight elevation, in terms of aroma, shelving, ease of use & her personal touch (added from much research). We realized that there was a great potential in these products and if made available to the market, the aware & conscious segment could take to it. And that's how Amorfizz was born! 


"Your skin absorbs 64% of what you put on it. Choose your ingredients wisely"

We are here to provide you with a natural and luxurious skincare range. This we do by handcrafting body essentials that are carefully curated with handpicked ingredients for a rejuvenating & therapeutic experience.



We handcraft our products from start to finish and they are all curated in small batches. Basically, the care given to your jar of product is similar to the food cooked in your kitchen.

"Inspired by home remedies. Handcrafted. Carefully Curated. Handpicked Ingredients. Made in small batches"

Also, our range helps relax the mind (aromatherapy using essential oils), moisturise the skin (recipes relying heavily on butters & oils) and nourish the body (additives like spices, herbs, condiments enrich the product). Hence making them not cosmetic, but therapeutic in nature.