• Products sold by us on our platform may attract shipping charges. This amount will be over and above the value of the product that you see on our product page. The shipping charges on your order will be informed before your transaction is being processed.
  • The shipping is free for orders above Rs.499 and a flat rate of Rs.99 is charged for orders below the said amount. 
  • Each order would be shipped only to a single destination address specified at the time of payment for that order. If you wish to ship products to different addresses, you shall need to place multiple orders.
  • Orders are shipped from our own office at:  No.92, 14th Main, 27th A Cross, Jayanagar, 4th Block, Bangalore 560011, to various parts in India. Our endeavour is to ship products within 1-3 business days from receipt of order and payment. Orders will be shipped out on working days (i.e. Monday to Saturday), excluding public holidays.
  • Please note all items will be shipped with an invoice. In case, inadvertently, the same is not received, please get in touch with us.
  • It takes between 3 to 7 days for shipping to anywhere across India. The customer will be informed about the approximate time of delivery after placement of her/his order. However in rare cases of further unavoidable delays, the customer will be duly informed of the new expected delivery date for her/his order. We do not guarantee any time limit of delivery. In rare cases, delays might occur due to clearance delays, flight delays or other uncontrollable circumstances.
  • In case the ordered item(s) do(es) not reach the customer within 3 weeks of our having couriered the product, we will offer a full refund, provided any tracking information does not show that delivery was attempted at the customer doorstep. However, in case of packages for which we are unable to find tracking information for the package, we will assume on good faith that the package delivery was not attempted and we will refund the entire amount after 3 weeks from our shipping date.
    Note: If after a refund is issued, a delivery attempt is made, the customer may choose to refuse to accept delivery of the package. If the delivery is accepted, the original ordering amount again becomes payable and suitable information on how to make the payment will be sent by email.
  • In case the package is returned to us after attempted delivery or because of a wrong shipping address provided by the customer at the time of placing order, we will not be able to offer a refund.
  • The choice of the consignment carrier is made at the sole discretion of Amorfizz Body Essentials.
  • The above conditions will not be applicable in case we inform the customer beforehand about the higher possibility of damages or misplacement of a package to be sent, in cases of recipient destinations embroiled in internal disturbances like war, strife or riots. If the customer still asks us to ship the package, we will not be liable for any damages to or loss of the package and no refunds will be due.
  • In case of internal disturbances in the recipient destination (war, strife, riots etc), we reserve the right to cancel an order and refund the money if we feel that a package cannot be delivered safely.
  • Any non-delivery complaints by buyers need to reach us within 3 weeks of our having dispatched your order. Any such complaints received after this time will not be taken up for consideration since shipping carriers usually do not accept requests for tracking status after this time period.