Artisanal Fruit Tart Soap - Dessert Range
Artisanal Fruit Tart Soap - Dessert Range

Artisanal Fruit Tart Soap - Dessert Range

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~ !! NEW LAUNCH!! ~

Inspired by home remedies. Handcrafted. Carefully Curated. Handpicked Ingredients.

Face & Body - Deeply Moisturizing | Gently Cleansing | Luxurious Feel | Vegan (Assorted Flavours | 90g aaprox.)

These stunning cakes of soap are as good to use & feel as they are delicious to look.. The fragrance is absolutely true to what you see - be it the decadent chocolate, the sweet red apple, the citrusy fresh tropical fruit. Made with plenty of carrier oils & Shea butter, these cakes are extremely moisturising. They require a lot of care, attention & time to make, hence the resulting bar of soap, is of exceptionally high quality. They make for a luxurious gift too! 

As our products are handcrafted in small batches and made with natural ingredients, there may be slight variations in fragrance, tint & shape - that is a hallmark of being pure & natural

Skin Type - Suits all skin types

How to create your own calm -
1. Rub the wet bar of soap on a wash cloth or loofah to produce lather
2. Apply to wet skin in gentle circular motions
3 Once cleansed, rinse off with plain water
4. Store away from shower, in a draining soap dish after use.

Suggested Use - Daily


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