Rose Water Toner
Rose Water Toner
Rose Water Toner
Rose Water Toner
Rose Water Toner
Rose Water Toner

Rose Water Toner

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Inspired by home remedies. Handcrafted. Carefully Curated. Handpicked Ingredients.

Hair - Nourishing | Hydrating | Strengthens bulbs | Boosts hair growth
Face - Hydrating | Toning | Soothing | Refreshing | Skin Restoring (100 ml)

Floral water, made from steam distilling rose petals & plant material, is an excellent source of hydration for skin & hair. Two spritz on your face, will instantly leave you feeling refreshed. Spritz on damp hair & scalp for intensely nourishing & fortifying the hair strands. They have a subtle aroma and are blended with essential oil to give you an aromatic and therapeutic experience.

This is a much more skin friendly & natural option vis-a-vis its chemical based competitors. It is also a perfect addition to all your powder based packs & ubtans.

As our products are handcrafted in small batches and made with natural ingredients, there may be slight variations in fragrance, tint & shape - that is a hallmark of being pure & natural

Skin & Scalp Type - Suits all skin & scalp types.

How to create your own calm -

1. Spray directly on clean skin for hydration or on a cotton swab to wipe off make-up/ dirt. Moisturize with a few drops of Apricot & Jojoba Face Oil.
2. Mix with skin clays to enhance results.
After wash, spray on damp hair & scalp for nourishing hair strands. Leaves behind a great aroma too!

Suggested Use - Daily

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